Discipleship Journal

A Christian magazine that I really appreciate is Discipleship Journal.  They perform a terrific balancing act of being non-denominational yet not being wimpy, watered down or divisive.  The contributors are Bible based and have sound doctrine.  They have regular columns plus a theme of the month and other articles.  

This month’s theme was “Stories of Redemption.”  They re-told Bible stories from the perspective of the participants, like the woman who washed Jesus’ feet and anointed him with oil (Luke 7:36-50).   

They put forth a lot of effort into having relevant artwork in each issue.  Usually it is largely wasted on me, but in this issue they described the drawings and explained the meaning (I need that to enjoy art).  If you are into that sort of thing you would like this magazine. 

I used to subscribe to Pray magazine (a sister publication) as well, and it was quite good.  I just didn’t have enough time to read it. 

Check ’em out. 

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