Weird Al and Apologetix

These links would be rather incongruous except they both show clever parodies:

A top 10 viewing of Weird Al Yankovic’s videos  (Hat tip: Poser Rantings).  My favorites are Smells Like Nirvana and White and Nerdy.

Then there is a Christian group called Apologetix.  They do doctrinally sound parodies of rock songs.  We had fun at a church Fall Festival playing Hotel Can’t Afford Ya, a take on the birth narrative sung to the tune of The Eagles Hotel California.  Their site lets you download some songs for free.  Click on the music tab to see more songs.

Our local Contemporary Christian Station plays their songs now and then.  They sound so much like the real thing that listeners get confused and think the station switched formats. 

Apologetix does some newer songs which I don’t recognize (I’m dating myself, I know), but they also do lots of older rock songs: Parable Guy (American Pie), Yes Today (Yesterday), Narrow Way to Heaven (Stairway to Heaven), Cheap Birds (Freebird), etc. 

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