1 Peter overview


This reading is an overview of 1 Peter.  1 Peter has five chapters and 2 Peter has three chapters.  I thought we would do them consecutively.

Who wrote this and when was it written?  Peter, an Apostle of Jesus, wrote it around 62-64 AD.  He denied Jesus three times on the night before Jesus was crucified but after the resurrection Peter was a dynamic force in the early church.  He boldly preached to the same Jewish leaders a couple months after Jesus’ resurrection (see the beginning chapters of Acts for more). 

To whom was it written?  All Christians, and specifically those suffering from persecution.

Why was it written?  To encourage all Christians to persevere in their faith, to remind them of their eternal home in Heaven and to encourage them to live holy lives.  

People often think of Paul as the main writer of controversial topics in the Bible, but you’ll find that Peter covers some of these as well, namely the roles of men and women and issues like predestination

The next reading is 1 Peter 1.

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