Hey United Methodists!

Please be sure to read all of this article about the 2005 “Hearts on Fire” conference, which was designed to promote acceptance of homosexual practices but even went beyond that and turned into a heresy-fest.  It highlights just how far gone parts of the United Methodist Church are.   I’m not sure why these bishops, pastors and other “leaders” don’t just join a group such as the Unitarians or the United Church of Christ where their apostate views would be accepted.  The fact that our discipline is so weak as to allow this is one of the reasons I have to talk myself out of leaving the UMC about once a month. 

Here are some samples:

  • A bishop who was happy that she could talk about Sophia (goddess worship) once she joined the Council of Bishops.  Hmm . . . so did she lie at her ordination vows or recant later?  Either way, why is it OK to come out with heresies after one becomes a bishop but not before?  How about leaving the church if that is what she really believes?
  • Repudiations for some of Jesus’ teachings and some actions of Paul 
  • Open defiance of church laws
  • The “hero” Beth Stroud, who lied at her ordination vows then came out because it was the most “faithful witness” she could do.  Considering that she dragged the church through lots of negative publicity just because we adhered to our Book of Discipline and the Bible, I can think of some more faithful ways she could have witnessed.
  • Lame reasoning by retired Bishop Wilke, one of the main authors of the Disciple Bible Study series (I’ve facilitated my last Disciple class.  Watching him on the videos would be too distracting now). 
  • Much, much more

Read it.  Share it.  Stand up in your church for sound doctrine and the removal of these heretics.  Pray for them and the people they are misleading.  Consider supporting the UM Action group that helps defend orthodox Methodism.

And take this survey on the United Methodist Church.  The pro-gay groups are heavily marketing it, so orthodox Methodists should complete it as well to reduce the chance that the results will be distorted. 

Also see The Bible and Homosexual Practice and Responding to Pro-Gay Theology.

3 thoughts on “Hey United Methodists!”

  1. UM Action proved to be an invaluable resource for my husband and me last year. Everyone there was so accessible. We ended up finding a new church, but it restored my faith in the orthodoxy. One day, when we move from DSW Conference, we shall return to weekly worship and fellowship at a UMC. Right now, I am a United Methodist in exile.


  2. I have great respect for those in churches who are falling deeper into apostasy that decide to stay and fight for the faith. My prayers are with you and others of your faith who are striving to honor God and keep His Word as the sole authority over man’s word.


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