Digital photography tips & hippo picture

If you are getting serious about digital photography, here are some tips. 

  1. Get a good camera.  There are some great deals out there. 
    • 3 mega pixel minimum, 5-6 MP is great. 
    • 3x optical zoom minimum, many newer cameras have 10-12x optical zoom which is great.
    • Digital zoom isn’t worth much.  It is basically just pre-cropping your pictures.
  2. Get plenty of memory.  With 512MB or more you can take hundreds of pictures without changing memory cards.  Get 1 GB if you can – just watch Best Buy for sales.
  3. Take tons of pictures and relentlessly delete bad ones
    • For every hundred pictures you take, delete eighty (OK, maybe not eighty, but don’t be shy about it)
    • For the ones you save, learn to crop, fix red eyes and do an “instant fix.”  Most photo software packages support these functions. 
  4. Snapfish is a good site to upload your photos to for sharing and printing.  You can get 4×6’s for 12 cents plus shipping (it averages out to about 20 cents per photo).  It lets you upload lots of photos at once instead of one at a time.  Its slideshow feature works well.
  5. Adobe Photoshop Elements is a great program to track and edit your photos.  There are simpler programs that work fine, but this one is a great program in between the basic offerings and a professional program.  If you want to do video editing, they have a good combo package.
  6. Don’t drop your camera.  The photo below was taken from a pretty far distance in Kenya with a Kodak 5 MP, 10x zoom camera.  But I dropped it a few months later, so that camera is no longer with us. 

This is one of my favorite pictures from Kenya.  There were over 50 hippos (literally) piled around each other in the river bed.  Check out the little guy in the upper right corner.  He looks sneaky.  Click it for a larger view.


Bad news: More humans are killed by hippos than any other animal.

Good news: Hippos are vegetarians, so they won’t eat you once you’re dead.

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