Pro-choice media often refer to pro-lifers as “anti-abortionists.”  I suppose the name is somewhat accurate, but it is obvious they are using it in a pejorative (put down) sense and they use it relentlessly despite our preference to be referred to as pro-life.

But if we are anti-abortionists, wouldn’t they be pro-abortionists?  Pro-choicers typically bristle at this, noting that nobody really wants abortions to happen.  I think for many pro-choicers that is true, so I try to use their preferred name.  I sometimes slip and use “pro-abortion” in the sense of “pro-legalized abortion” but not in the sense that I think their attitude is “Woo-hoo!  Abortions are swell!” 

 Still, most pro-choicers I am aware of publicly and privately do fall into this category:

Pro-abortion on demand for any reason up to and including partial birth abortion, without parental notification requirements for minors, without anesthesia for the unborn, lower standards than hospitals, against 24 hour waiting periods, government funded if necessary, and critical and unsupportive of Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Phew.  That is a little wordy, so I’ll stick to referring to them as pro-choice.

9 thoughts on “Labels”

  1. To tell the truth, I like pro-abortion. I think part of the problem with many of the issues out there today is that we as a culture try to sanitize them by giving them labels that downplay what is really going on. After all, we do want to be tolerant & not offend anyone. What we really should be calling it is pro-murder or slaughter of unborn children. If I remember correctly, Jesus never minced any words when the situation called for it.


  2. Oops. When I said I like “pro-abortion” I meant the “label” not the position. I think that was probably clear from the rest of my comment. But just in case…..


  3. Yeah, that’s just what we need…more polarizing language, more hyperbole, more rhetoric. I don’t agree with the pro-choice position, but every person I’ve ever talked to about it has repeated the “rare, safe, legal” mantra, and I believe they’re serious. I’ve got no problem demonizing their position, but I think we can do better by not demonizing them.

    No, Jesus did not mince words when the situation called for it. But to be honest, I’m really getting sick of hearing that argument for calling everyone who disagrees with us names. We’re not Jesus, so I think a little humility, a little empathy, and a little common decency is probably a pretty good idea.

    Manners make the man.


  4. Hi Alan,

    I’m going to preface this comment by saying that the remarks I’m going to make don’t apply to abortions performed for the medical safety of the mother or in the cases of rape & incest. I also struggle with these. My remarks are directed @ the 95+% of the abortions on demand.

    When it comes to protecting the life of an unborn child from a horrible, mutilating death, I don’t believe the language can ever be strong enough. Why is it that no one gives a second thought to “demonizing” anyone & everyone that was either directly connected with the Holocaust or just stood by & watched it happen, but it is considered bad manners to demonize those that advocate the pro-abortion position or worse, participate in the practice? My friend, as a father of five, believe me when I say that I happily plead guilty to bad manners to demonizing the position.

    I quite frankly think that doctors that perform abortions on demand are murders & abortion clinics, including Planned Parenthood, should be compared to Nazi death camps. I don’t understand how any professing Christian can view abortion on demand as anything but murder & be appalled & horrified at the practice.

    I do agree that when discussing the issue a little humility, a little empathy & a little common decency is required – VERY LITTLE. If the mutilation & death of 40 million + unborn childern doesn’t require the harshest & most damning language, what does?

    You’re right Alan. I’m not Jesus & never claimed to be. In fact, with some of the things in my past I wonder if I’ll ever see Him, but I honestly believe that He expects us to do more than simply engage in tolerant, politically correct, polite dialog whiles millions of His children are murdered.

    On this issue Alan, I’m afraid I can’t be tolerant or politically correct. The simple thought of the pain & suffering we’ve allowed to happen to all those murdered childern is beyond comprehension. I wonder how GOD will judge our society for what we’ve allowed to take place.


  5. I suppose I could be polite in my disagreement with you, Woz, but….

    Let me be crystal clear about my position: I am against abortion except for when the life of the mother is in jeopardy. Anyone who disagrees with that is simply rationalizing murder. You’re a murderer Woz. What’s worse is that you’re a Christian and should know better! Poor children who, through no fault of their own, are conceived through rape or incest are just garbage to you and the other Nazis who are perpetrating this holocaust. I know a beautiful little 1 year old who was conceived through rape. Today, she is a happy, healthy, adorible little girl who is the light of her adoptive parents’ lives. A 16 year old girl made the very difficult, and very adult decision to carry her daughter to term, a decision you think should be “optional,” apparently. Your attitude makes me sick.

    So… How did it feel to read that? Those are definitely my feelings, this isn’t just some sort of object lesson. As I said, I’m against abortion, and now, clearly I hope you see that I mean it. Did calling you a murderer change your mind? Did it do anything but make your skin crawl? If that’s the kind of discussion you want to be engaged in, more power to you. I think it’s a waste of time. It’s ugly, poisonous, and disgusting.

    I was raised to believe that we’re not obligated to share with other people every thought that makes its way into our crowded little brains. My parents could register their disapproval and approval with only a look. I think most people that meet them would say, “You always know where you stand with them” even though my folks are two of the most quiet spoken people you’d ever meet. Sharing your opnions with grace is not the same as being “politically correct.” I think we’ve been poisoned by the Jerry-Springering of America. You can feel free to throw your chairs, Woz, but I’m going to look for another way to talk to people.

    I’m not interested in tolerance nor “political correctness.” However, I believe you present a false dichotomy: rants and name-calling vs. milquetoast discussion. I think that we can make our case without resorting to demonizing those who disagree with us.


  6. Alan,

    Actually, your tirade didn’t affect me much @ all since you all you did was put a lot of words in my mouth that I never said & made a lot of assumptions about my beliefs that are totally wrong. What I actually said was I struggle with those abortions. Nothing else. I agree they are still murder.

    I certainly hope & pray that being called a murderer would make the skin crawl of those directly involved in the process. As for resorting to demonizing those who disagree with us, we are talking about people either directly involved in or actively supporting or promoting the muder of children, many times for financial gain. If by telling the truth about their activities is demonizing them, so be it. How can simply telling the truth about someone’s activities be ranting & raving as you put it.

    For the record, I’ve never seen Jerry Springer because we don’t watch much TV, but from what I’ve heard I doubt that he & I would get along.


  7. Alan,

    I thought about this conversation a lot on my way home from work & decided to write this addendum to my last comment. You & I have disagreed much on many issues but have least always managed to foster, I have felt, some form of mutual respect. It is in this light I offer this addendum.

    I want to try to explain what I meant when I talked about my struggle with abortion in instances for the health of the mother, rape and incest. There are two parts to my explanation.

    First, I struggle with these abortions mainly because I haven’t been able to prayerfully discern whether these abortions may, in some instances, be legitimate. Abortion in all instances, by its very nature is the taking of a human life. When the life of the mother is the issue, legal abortion simply gives the decision as to which life to take to the family. Even the Bible indicates there are reasons to take life & I honestly don’t know if this falls into that category.

    As far as rape is concerned, my struggle is with my lack of understanding as to what a women in this circumstance goes through. I’m not a psychologist, but I have to believe that the emotional damage & mental problems have to be in the same category as the life decision The fact the some wome choose life even in this circunstance is wonderful. But what about those that can’t live with it. If I’m wrong please correct me. In any event, since I don’t understand all the issues, I’d rather on the side of the women’s choice.

    Incest I’ve pretty much decided is either rape or voluntary. That determines my opinion on the abortion.

    The second part of my explanation is much simpler. Since the pro-abortion advocates use the above arguments to defend this issue, I wanted to have my comments apply to the 95+% of abortions that fall outside those categories. It is to those I addressed my outrage & venom.

    I hope this gives you a better understanding of my beliefs.

    Respectfully always,



  8. Woz, thank you for proving my point.

    Your description of your position didn’t contain a single bit of rhetoric, name calling, or hyperbole. Completely reasonable and rational. See? It can be done without being a milquetoast.


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