Weekly roundup

1. The title says it all: DUI Suspect Shows Up Drunk For Court Hearing (hat tip: LoneStarTimes).  Seriously, this is pretty sick.  Let’s recap:

  • The guy admits to drinking a 12-pack a day “and then some”
  • it is his second DUI conviction (who knows how many times he has driven drunk?)
  • His blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit
  • He shows up drunk to court
  • He only got a sentence of 30 days to 6 months!  This guy will be back behind the wheel in 180 days or less. 

2. Some truly encouraging news – Chinese churches are growing like wildfire.

3. Houston Police officers were told by their leaders not to chase minor traffic offenders who refuse to stop.  Did it occur to them that while the traffic offense was minor that fleeing an officer was a felony?  How about the fact that anyone who flees an officer isn’t doing it just to avoid a ticket.  They probably have something bigger to hide.  Finally, if you are going to implement such a policy, why tell everyone about it? Police do a difficult and important job.  Their leaders could be doing better.

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