Veggie Boy

I’ve been making health shakes for 30 years and have now achieved the state of the art. Here is the used-to-be secret recipe for my un-patented Veggie Boy protein shake. (For you Cheers fans, you’ll remember this is the name of the health drink Woody was hypnotized into liking. “You can really taste the kale!”)

  • Milk (preferably whole milk, though not much chance of that unless I’m doing the shopping)
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Any other fruit we’ve got. I’m not picky.
  • Whey protein powder (The Vitamin Shoppe has good deals. GNC is more expensive)

You need a pretty powerful blender to chop up the carrots. I got a 2 HP Waring blender with a 64 oz. jar so I can make big batches to last a couple days.

The good news: It is really, really healthy. Vitamins, protein, fiber, low fat, etc. A couple glasses for breakfast and you can eat Snickers the rest of the day.

The bad news: It is green, or possibly brown, depending on how the ratio of the ingredients and the flavor of the whey powder. I’m used to it.

Don’t tell CPS, but when Daughter #1 was young I told her one Halloween that she could eat all the candy she wanted if she had a small glass of Veggie Boy first. I thought she actually liked it (it is rather sweet tasting), but I learned years later that she choked it down. I would have let her eat as much candy as she wanted anyway. Fortunately, she is the forgiving type.

P.S. I never understood the juicer concept. Seems like you are throwing out all the good stuff.

6 thoughts on “Veggie Boy”

  1. First of all to all those out there thinking, “Oh, that sounds like a good idea.” ITS NOT!! It’s better to just eat fruits and veggies…not drink them (unless its Jamba Juice or something) and yes dad, I do forgive you but, I’m still against Veggie Boy.


  2. Is this concoction for dietary purposes or just because? I cannot see trying it for kicks but if that is your secret way of keeping fit and trim, I might give it a whirl.


  3. It is part of a healthy diet. It started in high school, when I was trying to gain weight. I would put milk, raw eggs, ice cream, etc. in the shakes then. I realize they aren’t for everyone! I’m not sure if it is my “secret” or not . . . God blessed me with a high metabolism. That is good now but was bad when I was a skinny kid trying to put on pounds.


  4. I guess free speech is still alive.. and ya’ gotta love WordPress for it.
    Keep bloggin’… cuz I luv readin’ yer posts. : )
    – Anjie in Little Rock, AK


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