James 3

This reading is James 3.

I find it interesting that James warns people about teaching, because those who teach “will be judged more strictly.” Those of us who teach must choose our words very carefully so we don’t distort the Word of God.

James revisits his theme about the power of the tongue. He uses the strongest possible words to warn of the evil our words can contain and the damage they can cause.

James then shifts to wisdom, which always reminds me of Proverbs, which addresses at length the importance of wisdom. He connects wisdom with good deeds and humility. He emphasizes how envy and selfish ambition are of the devil and are associated with disorder and “every evil practice.” When you examine the evil in the world this correlation makes sense to me.

The next reading is James 4.

2 thoughts on “James 3”

  1. As for teaching, James shares with us just how important it is. I also see this as a warning to keep us from teaching our own worldly wisdom instead of the wisdom that comes from the Bible. That can be hard sometimes because we get all caught up in the world. We must be very careful that what we teach comes from God and not our own pride or desires. The first thing to do to guard against this is pray for God’s will to be done and not our own.

    Thanks for the devotion today.


  2. James 3:2 “For we ALL stumble in MANY WAYS.” This is the life of a Christian. It is a journey. We fall and pick ourselves up and move on. Phil 3:13 “Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal ….”


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