OCD: It’s not just a disorder, it’s a lifestyle.

prod_purell_sanitizer_sm.jpgWe started watching Monk (the obsessive-compulsive detective on the USA channel) a couple months ago and have enjoyed catching up on old episodes. I’m not sure why we like it so much. Perhaps because it makes our OCD look less raging. We buy Purell by the half-gallon. Seriously. Hey, my wife teaches 4th grade, an age not known for its proper hygiene.

Click here to see how Monk-like you are. The quiz said I was “a little Monk-ish.” Shocking!

4 thoughts on “OCD: It’s not just a disorder, it’s a lifestyle.”

  1. I make fun of my wife all of the time for being OCD and carrying hand sanitizer everywhere. I posted an article called Marriage Quirks where I skirted the line of getting in trouble with her. Thankfully I had the presense of mind to make fun of her AND myself. Nice to know there are other OCD types out there and Monk fans to boot.


  2. Although I’m a beleiver in a clean environment, recent studies have shown that our immune systems are not as effective as they should be because they are not being challenged. I think I ‘ll order Purell by the 1/2 gallon instead of gallon. Any advice, comments would be welcome.



  3. Whoo Hoo!! Go Monk!! It’s sad because getting hooked on the show just shows how OCD we are. (renting every DVD in order from blockbuster weekly, then pre-ordering the new seasons)

    Monk (to Sherona): “But animals do things on the ground….terrible, terrible things.


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