PG = Pro-God?


As humor columnist Dave Barry would say, I am not making this up. The Motion Picture Association of America gave a PG rating to the movie “Facing the Giants” because it mentions Jesus and has other Christian elements. The MPAA was afraid it would offend non-Christians. Eek.Of course, it is easy to get riled up about such a move by the MPAA considering the offensive things they don’t address in their ratings.Yet this could be a blessing in disguise. Instead of protesting, perhaps Christians should thank the MPAA and let them know they will only attend movies that are rated PG for being Pro-God-of-the-Bible (provided that the movies are of high quality . . . just because they have a Christian message doesn’t mean they are good). After all, why support movies that mock God or pretend He doesn’t exist?

More information here.

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